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College of Law Dates to Remember

Fall Term 2010

August 13-21 New student orientation
August 23 Classes begin
August 27 Add deadline
October 22 Withdraw deadline
October 29 Last day to apply for graduation
December 3 Last day of classes
December 8-21 Final Exams

Spring Term 2011

January 6 New students arrive
January 10 Classes begin
January 14 Add deadline
March 4 Withdraw deadline
April 20 Last day of classes
April 28-May 11 Final Exams

The following chart lists and explains the prefixes used to designate courses.

LAW.............................................Law General
LCIV..................................................Civil Law
LCOM.........................................Common Law


Administration of Criminal Justice I—LAW L740
Administration of Criminal Justice II—LAW L860
Administration of Criminal Justice III—LCIV L805
Administrative Law—LAW L844
Admiralty—LAW L864
Advanced Constitutional Law—14th Amendment—LAW L955
Advanced Federal Income Taxation—LAW L871
Advanced Legal Writing—LAW L905
Advanced Legislative and Administrative Advocacy—LAW L879
Advanced Torts Seminar—LAW L826
Agency and Partnership—LAW L946
American Legal History Seminar—LAW L809

Antitrust Law—LAW L848
Business Organizations—LAW L745
Business Planning Seminar—LAW L867
Canon Law—LAW L974
Capital Punishment and the Constitution—LAW L822
Child Advocacy Seminar—LAW L855
Civil Law of Persons—LCIV L900
Civil Law Property I—LCIV L706
Civil Law Property II—LCIV L707
Civil Procedure I, II—LAW L725, L730
Civil Rights Actions Under Section 1983—LAW L839
Clinical Externship—LAW L900
Clinical Seminar—LAW L897
Commercial Transactions—LCOM L920
Common Law Contracts for Civil Law Students—LCIV L702
Common Law Property I—LCOM L705
Common Law Property II—LCOM L710
Communications Law—LAW L845
Community Property—LCIV L930
Comparative Law—LAW L881
Comparative Law Seminar—LAW L816
Computer Law—LAW L821
Conflict of Laws—LAW L876
Constitutional Law—LAW L750
Constitutional Law Seminar—LAW L877
Construction Industry Law Seminar—LAW L819
Contracts I—LCOM L700
Contracts II—LCOM L701
Contracts/Commercial Law Seminar—LAW L827
Conventional Obligations—LCIV L710
Copyright Law—LAW L850
Corporate Finance—LAW L806
Courts in a Federal System—LAW L842
Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy—LAW L812
Criminal Law—LAW L735
Criminal Law Seminar—LAW L862
Dialogues in Law and Ethics—LAW L883

Employee Remedies (Maritime)—LAW L857
Employment Discrimination—LAW L820
Employment Law—LAW L840
Environmental Law—LAW L858
Environmental Law Seminar—LAW L886
Estate Planning—LCOM L805
Evidence—LAW L760
Evidence/Procedure Seminar—LAW L813
Family Law—LCOM L800
Family Law Seminar—LAW L853
Federal Appellate Advocacy—LAW L807
Federal Criminal Law—LAW L815
Federal Income Taxation of Corporations—LAW L872
Federal Tax Procedure—LAW L874
Federal Taxation Seminar—LAW L887
Federal Taxation of Wealth Transmission—LAW L870
Financial Institutions Law—LAW L829
First Amendment—LAW L823
Gender, Race and Law in Film and Literature—LAW L888
Human Rights and Global Marketplace—LAW L924
Immigration and Nationality Law—LAW L832
Immigration Law Seminar—LAW L932
Income Taxation—LAW L980
Independent Study—LAW L899
Injured Employee Compensation and Tort Remedies—LAW L957
Insurance—LAW L854
Intellectual Property Law—LAW L801
Intellectual Property Law Seminar on Digital Delivery of Entertainment Products—LAW L985
International Law—LAW L878
International Law Seminar—LAW L884
International Dispute Resolution—LAW L928
International Financial Services Law—LAW L927
International Investment Law—LAW L926
International Taxation—LAW L981
International Trade Law—LAW L925
Jurisprudence—LAW L882
Juvenile Law Seminar—LAW L865
Labor Law—LAW L818
Law and Education Seminar—LAW L802
Law and Medicine—LAW L825
Law and Poverty—LAW L781
Law and Poverty Seminar—LAW L782
Law and Religion Seminar—LAW L910
Law of the European Union I—LAW L805
Law of the European Union II—LAW L811
Law Review Honors Tutorial—LAW L891
Law Review Practicum—LAW L814
Law Review Seminar—LAW L892
Law Workshop—LAW L895
Legal Accounting—LAW L804
Legal Profession—LAW L770
Legal Research—LAW L898
Legal Research and Writing—LAW L715
Legislation—LAW L847
Legislative and Administrative Advocacy—LAW L841
Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure—LCIV L935
Louisiana Donations and Trusts—LCIV L920
Louisiana Probate—LCIV L862
Louisiana Probate Seminar—LCIV L861
Loyola Maritime Law Journal Honors Tutorial—LAW L901
Marine Insurance—LAW L863
Maritime Personal Injury—LAW L866
Mediation and Arbitration—LAW L817
Mineral Law—LAW L838
Moot Court—LAW L765
Negotiable Instruments—LAW L810
Patent Law—LAW L849
Products Liability—LAW L824
Professional Seminar—LAW L896
Journal of Public Interest Law Honors Tutorial—LAW L893
Journal of Public Interest Law Seminar—LAW L894
Real Estate Transactions—LAW L836
Regulation of the Entertainment Industries Seminar—LAW L890
Regulation of the Sports Industry Seminar—LAW L859
Sales and Leases—LCIV L725
Secured Transactions—LCOM L921
Securities Regulation—LAW L808
Security Rights—LCIV L940
Selected Topics in International Environmental Law—LAW L929
Seminar in Legal French—LAW L880
Seminar in Scholarly Writing—LAW L846
Sex Discrimination Law Seminar—LAW L885
State and Local Government Law—LAW L856
State and Local Taxation—LAW L875
Street Law—LAW L833
Successions—LCIV L715
Taxation of Partnerships and Other Pass-through Entities—LAW L873
Taxation of the Family: Structuring the Tax Consequences of Marriage, Divorce, and Death—LAW L869
Title Examination—LCIV L810
Torts I, II—LAW L705, L710
Trademark, Trade Name, and Unfair Competition Law—LAW L828
Trial Practice Seminar—LAW L861
Trusts and Estates—LCOM L715
Western Legal Tradition—LAW L803
Workers’ Compensation—LAW L868