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Undergraduate & Graduate Dates to Remember*

Fall Term 2010

August 20-22 MBA Orientation
August 25-29 Wolfpack Welcome
August 30 Classes begin
September 3 Add deadline
October 29 Last day to withdraw & last day
to apply for graduation
December 10 Last day of classes
December 11-17 Final Exams

Spring Term 2011

January 8 New Student Orientation; MBA Orientation
January 10 Classes begin
January 14 Add deadline
March 4 Last day to withdraw
May 4 Last day of classes for undergraduate students
May 5 Last day of classes for graduate students
May 6-12 Final Exams for day division
May 9-12 Final Exams for graduate and evening students
May 14 Commencement - all colleges

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Social Sciences

NURS 364 Health Assessment 3 crs.

This emphasis of this course is on providing the student with tools of assessment to appraise the health of individuals. Knowledge from biological sciences is used within the context of the nursing process to develop skill in systematic assessment of clients in all phases of the life cycle. 

NURS 379 Nursing Leadership & Promotion of Quality Care and Pa crs.

This course emphasizes the role of nurse leader in professional nursing practice and provides an introduction to the theory and practice of nursing leadership and management. The emphasis is on understanding the key components of the leadership/management process which include critically thinking, communicating effectively, handling conflict, delegating successfully, controlling resources, improving quality and safety and leading change. Focus is on the nursing role of leader/manager in practice settings and improving the quality and safety of patient populations.

NURS 384 Spirituality in Health and Illness 3 crs.

The Jesuit Catholic tradition emphasizes the role of spirituality and faith in shaping the person. This course explores the relationship between spirituality and nursing and focuses on spiritual assessment of a diverse client population across the lifespan. Emphasis is placed on the role of the nurse in providing spiritual and nursing care. Key concepts explored in the course include; spiritual well-being, end-of-life issues, hospice, palliative care and bereavement.

Prerequisite: NURS C361.

NURS C452 Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice 3 crs.

This course is an introduction to nursing research.  Emphasis is placed on understanding how to search for research information, analyze and utilize research findings in the practice setting. The outcome of the course is for the student to become an informed consumer of research. Key concepts discussed in the course include the research process, evidenced-based practice and research utilization. 

Prerequisites:  statistics.

NURS C468 Advanced Topics in Nursing Practice 3 crs.

          This course focuses on selected nursing topics (ex. Spanish for Health-CAre

NURS C482 Issues in Professional Nursin 3 crs.

This course is designed to assist in the transition of the student to the role of the B.S.N. prepared professional nurse in a health care setting. Emphasis is placed on professional communication and current professional and health care issues that impact the professional nurse practicing in a contemporary healthcare environment.

NURS C483 Population Health 3 crs.

This course focuses on the delivery of population-focused nursing care to aggregates, communities or population groups. Emphasis is placed on health promotion and disease prevention of population groups and the nurse's role in improving the population health of specified groups.


NURS 485 Information Management & Patient Care Technology 3 crs. 

           This course provides the student with an overview of nursing informatics and the role of the nurse in managing health care information in a health care              setting. Emphasis is placed on the application of technology and information management to support clinical decision-making that improves patient care              outcomes. Key concepts explored in the course include; the history of healthcare informatics, basic informatic concepts, current issues and health                        information management applications.           

NURS 486 Introduction to Health Care Delivery Systems & Policy 3crs

This course provides the student with an introduction to health care delivery systems, health policy and policy formation, finances and health care outcomes in the U.S. system. Emphasis placed on improving delivery of care to population and vulnerable groups. Current trends and issues in the health care delivery system and nursing will be discussed.