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Undergraduate & Graduate Dates to Remember*

Fall Term 2010

August 20-22 MBA Orientation
August 25-29 Wolfpack Welcome
August 30 Classes begin
September 3 Add deadline
October 29 Last day to withdraw & last day
to apply for graduation
December 10 Last day of classes
December 11-17 Final Exams

Spring Term 2011

January 8 New Student Orientation; MBA Orientation
January 10 Classes begin
January 14 Add deadline
March 4 Last day to withdraw
May 4 Last day of classes for undergraduate students
May 5 Last day of classes for graduate students
May 6-12 Final Exams for day division
May 9-12 Final Exams for graduate and evening students
May 14 Commencement - all colleges

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DIRECTOR: Ann H. Cary, Ph.D., MPH, RN, A-CCC OFFICE: 203 Stallings Hall
PROFESSORS: Ann H. Cary, Gail Tumulty
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR: Barbara A. Bihm, Cynthia Collins, Debra  Copeland, Laurie Ferguson Michael T. Landry, Heidi T. Landry, Mary D. Oriol
ASSISTANT PROFESSORS: Beverly A. Anderson, Kim B. Brannagan, Gwendolyn George, Lisa J. Linville, Martiza Salgado, Angelique White-Williams

Mission Statement for the School of Nursing

The mission of the School of Nursing is to educate professional nurses based on Jesuit values who lead change and translate science into practice in a dynamic global health care environment. Our vision is a world where every nurse is a leader.

The School of Nursing sponsors the following degrees: BSN, MSN and Doctor of Nursing Practice. 

RN-to-BSN Program

Mission Statement for the RN to BSN 

The primary mission of the Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing Program of Loyola University is to enhance the RN-BSN students' abilities to act as nurse generalists who possess professional competencies to provide and coordinate client care in a variety of settings. The curriculum is designed to achieve this end. Through upper division nursing studies, the curriculum offers the opportunity for high quality professional nursing education within the multidisciplinary context of Jesuit university education.

Loyola University’s School of Nursing is an innovative upper division professional nursing program designed to meet the needs of registered nurses who wish to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing (B.S.N.) degree.  The program prepares the graduate for expanded professional roles and for graduate study.  The B.S.N. program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) through Spring 2015 and is available both in New Orleans and through Loyola’s Distance Learning Program (DLP).  The NLNAC may be contacted by writing to: 3343 Peachtree, NE, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30326 or by calling (404) 975-5000.


To be admitted into the nursing program, a student must be a registered nurse with a current license to practice in the United States. The student must complete the regular university admissions process. A student who does not complete the admissions process prior to registration can enroll as a transient student for one semester by presenting the R.N. license at registration. Sixty days prior to enrollment, the student it required to apply for a certified background review at their own expense, by a provider designated by Loyola University New Orleans, with results provided to Loyola University New Orleans School of Nursing, Attention: Vanessa Bailey. Information on this process will be provided upon acceptance of an admission offer. 


A minimum of 121 semester credit hours is required for the B.S.N. degree. No lower division nursing courses are taught at Loyola. Credit for lower division nursing (i.e., adult health, parent-child health, mental health) is awarded by validation of transfer credit for associate degree graduates or validation of advanced placement credit for diploma nursing school graduates. The last 30 credit hours must be completed at Loyola University New Orleans.

R.N.-to-M.S.N. Option

An R.N.-to-M.S.N. option is available to qualified students who plan to pursue a graduate degree at Loyola in the Health Care Systems Management Program. This option allows qualified applicants to substitute several M.S.N. graduate-level nursing courses for similar, but lower-level, B.S.N. undergraduate nursing courses. The benefit to the student is that 6 semester hours of M.S.N. coursework are applied to the B.S.N. degree, leaving fewer semester hours remaining to complete the M.S.N. degree. The R.N.-to-M.S.N. options are described more fully in Loyola’s Graduate Bulletin.

BLEND Program (M.S.N Bridge)

An RN who has a non-nursing bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university may enter Loyola's MSN program without obtaining a BSN degree. THe BLEND program provides the RN the opportunity to enroll in the M.S.N. Health Care Systems Management (HCSM) program. To be admitted to the M.S.N. program, the RN must complete Loyola's BLEND program which is comprised of two credit courses (NURS 482 & NURS 483) that serve as prerequisites to 700- level nursing courses. BLEND courses are delivered in distance learning format. 


Major (50 credit hours)  
Cr. Hrs.
Lower Division Nursing Courses (see previous page)
NURS 364 Health Assessment
NURS 379 Nursing Leadership & Promotion of Quality Care and Patient Safety
NURS 384 Spirituality in Health and Illness
NURS 452 Nursing Research and Evidenced-based Practice
NURS 482 Issues in Professional Nursing
NURS 483 Population Health
NURS 485 Information Management & Patient Care Technology
NURS 486 Introduction to Health Care Delivery Systems & Policy

Required Core and Adjunct Courses (42 credit hours)

BIOL C210, C211 Anatomy and Physiology
CHEM C105 General Chemistry I Lecture
BIOL C280 Microbiology
BIOL C335 Basic Nutrition
HOD C260 Elementary Statistics
PSYC C330 Developmental Psychology
PSYC A100 Introduction to Psychology
SOCI A100 Introduction to Sociology
ENGL T122 Critical Reading/Writing
ENGL T125 The Emerging Self
PHIL T122 Introduction to Philosophy
RELS T122 Intro to World Religions
HIST T122 World Civilizations to 1650
or HIST T124 World Civilizations from 1650  
Elective Core and Adjunct Courses (16 credit hours)
Fine Arts  
Religious Studies  
Science Laboratory  
Liberal Studies  
Social Science  
Free Electives  

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