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Fall Term 2010

August 20-22 MBA Orientation
August 25-29 Wolfpack Welcome
August 30 Classes begin
September 3 Add deadline
October 29 Last day to withdraw & last day
to apply for graduation
December 10 Last day of classes
December 11-17 Final Exams

Spring Term 2011

January 8 New Student Orientation; MBA Orientation
January 10 Classes begin
January 14 Add deadline
March 4 Last day to withdraw
May 4 Last day of classes for undergraduate students
May 5 Last day of classes for graduate students
May 6-12 Final Exams for day division
May 9-12 Final Exams for graduate and evening students
May 14 Commencement - all colleges

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The Medieval Studies minor offers the opportunity to address a variety of questions about the Middle Ages as well as about our own time: Why did thousands of Christian soldiers march off to uncertain wars against the "infidels" in the Crusades? How does an understanding of these holy wars enable us to think about conflicts fought over competing religious ideologies today? How does an understanding of medieval antifeminism assist our analysis of modern sexual inequality and discrimination?

Whether you study the past for the sake of its own triumphs and failures, or as a distant mirror reflecting our own, the academic pursuit of medieval culture opens up innumerable opportunities to explore the human condition in its many varied forms.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires 18 hours of Medieval Studies courses.
9 hours are from the following required courses:
  HIST - A306 Middle Ages 3 crs.
  ENGL - A316 Medieval Survey 3 crs.
Medieval Thought (choose one)
  PHIL A405 History of Medieval Philosophy 3 crs.
  PHIL U270 Philosophy and Religion in the Middle Ages 3 crs.
  RELS A201 Medieval Christian Thought 3 crs.
  RELS U386 Medieval Synthesis 3 crs.
The remaining 9 hours are to be chosen from the following Core courses or Supporting courses.
Selections must be approved by the Medieval Studies Chair.
Core Courses:
  CLHU U265 Pagans and Christians 3 crs.
  CLHU U274 Byzantine Empire 3 crs.
  LATN A435 Medieval Latin 3 crs.
  ENG A340 Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales 3 crs.
  ENG A341 Chaucer: Troilus and Other Poems 3 crs.
  ENG A424 Medieval Drama 3 crs.
  ENG A475 Great Figures: Dante 3 crs.
  ENG U287 Martyrs, Minstrels, Mystics 3 crs.
  ENG U288 The World of the Vikings 3 crs.
  ENG U297 Heroes and Monsters 3 crs.
  ENG U299 Arthurian Legend 3 crs.
  HIST A288 History of the Middle East I 3 crs.
  HIST A305 Medieval Crime & Community 3 crs.
  HIST A307 Saints and Demons in Medieval Europe 3 crs.
  HIST A381 English History to 1688 3 crs.
  HIST W240 Between Eve & Mary: Women in Medieval Europe 3 crs.
  HIST W255 Medieval Sex and Gender 3 crs.
  HIST W256 The Crusades 3 crs.
  MUGN U271 Medieval Music and Mysticism 3 crs.
  PHIL A405 History of Medieval Philosophy 3 crs.
  PHIL A408 Thomas Aquinas 3 crs.
  PHIL A491 Major Seminar: Medieval 3 crs.
  PHIL U270 Philosophy and Religion in the Middle Ages 3 crs.
  POLS W249 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought 3 crs.
  RELS A210 Medieval Christian Thought 3 crs.
  RELS U386 The Medieval Synthesis 3 crs.
  VISA U243 The Art and History of the Book 3 crs.
Supporting Courses:
  CLHU U270 The Later Roman Empire 3 crs.
  ENG A215 World Literature I 3 crs.
  FREN A320 Culture and Civilization I 3 crs.
  GERM A355 From Middle Ages to Baroque 3 crs.
  HIST A304 Early Christianity 3 crs.
  LATN A430 Latin of Late Antiquity 3 crs.
  RELS A200 Early Christian Thought 3 crs.
  RELS U285 Heresies and Heretics 3 crs.
  RELS A310 Spanish Literature I 3 crs.
  SPAN A310 Survey of Spanish Literature 3 crs.
TOTAL 18 crs.

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