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Undergraduate & Graduate Dates to Remember*

Fall Term 2010

August 20-22 MBA Orientation
August 25-29 Wolfpack Welcome
August 30 Classes begin
September 3 Add deadline
October 29 Last day to withdraw & last day
to apply for graduation
December 10 Last day of classes
December 11-17 Final Exams

Spring Term 2011

January 8 New Student Orientation; MBA Orientation
January 10 Classes begin
January 14 Add deadline
March 4 Last day to withdraw
May 4 Last day of classes for undergraduate students
May 5 Last day of classes for graduate students
May 6-12 Final Exams for day division
May 9-12 Final Exams for graduate and evening students
May 14 Commencement - all colleges

*College of Law dates on Law Bulletin



Only Common Curriculum Courses lettered T - Z may be used. (i.e. phil U 139)
A. Composition Cr. Hrs.  
English (ENGL T122) 3  
B. Philosophy    
  1. Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL T122)   3  
  2. Philosophy elective (PHIL)   3  
  3. Philosophy elective (PHIL)   3  
C. Religious Studies    
  1. Introduction to World Religions (RELS T122)   3  
  2. Religious Studies elective (RELS)   3  
  3. Religious Studies elective (RELS)   3  
D. General Studies    
  1. Social/Behavioral Sciences      
    a. World Civilization I or II (HIST T122 or T124)   3  
    b. One other course (history, economics, psychology, political science, communications, or sociology) *   3  
  2. Humanities/Arts      
    a. The Emerging Self (ENGL T125)  
    b. One other course (literature, drama, visual arts, classical humanities, or modern foreign languages) *  
  3. Natural Sciences      
    a. Math (T122/A115)  
    b. One other course (biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, mathematical sciences, or physics) *  


* Two of these courses must be labeled pre-modern period. A student may not take a common curriculum course for common curriculum credit from his or her major department.